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We are opening an advanced cultural life through continuous research and development,and the production of superior quality products.
Composite material

Aekyung Chemical's molding resin products, which have grown together with the domestic and overseas FRP industry, have been equipped with the best technology in Korea thanks to our constant efforts to achieve the high quality and high functions of unsaturated polyester as POLYCOAT brand. With more than 30 years of experience in unsaturated polyester technology, we aim to lead the high-tech field with optimal resin design, new processes and the latest compound technologies, applying plastic materials and various molding techniques in the large structures, automotive, electric and battery fields.


Aekyung Chemical's Isocyanate Hardener has been growing along with the growth of the domestic paint market. We are developing a water-soluble hardener and a low-viscosity hardener in response to environmentally friendly demands. We are focusing on developing new products to meet customer's needs.


As a new project to realize the second leap, the coating resin division has been producing NAD resin, High Solid, etc. since the production of base resin for coating materials such as acryl, amino, alkyd, polyester and modified urethane, we are concentrating on the development and commercialization of high-value-added synthetic resin for electronic materials to meet the needs of our customers.

UV resin

UV curing coatings for woodworking UV curing resins started with oligomers were expanded/ applied to flooring, PVC flooring, plastic coating, paper, optical and electronic materials. Recently, as regulations for the use of paints for environment and health have been strengthened, the development of environmentally friendly dyestuff formulations and water-soluble paints has been actively developed, and the demand for ultra violet cure coatings has been increasing and new coating technologies for electronic materials are required. Therefore, we have developed UV curing oligomer to supply various kinds of materials from basic materials of paints which are the basis of all exterior industries to advanced materials of IT. We have been focusing on R&D to lead the technology of UV solution based on the latest synthesis technology.

Water resin

As the environmental awareness of the earth has increased, we are focusing on developing eco-friendly water-based resins for various types and uses for various VOC regulations and worker's environment.


Point/Adhesive is a product demanded by customers from various properties. Aekyung Chemical has developed a series of products based on acrylic resin and urethane resin to meet customer needs and develop further. The application areas of point/adhesive are electronic products such as general industrial products such as interior / advertising sheet, protective tape and adhesive for retroreflective film, process protection film, shatterproof film, semiconductor process film, waterproof tape, is.

Electronic material

It is a high performance product developed in line with the needs of the display and semiconductor market. It is being applied to PDP bulkhead binder and photoresistor products and is now applied to LCD color filter and mill base. We are developing and marketing semiconductor material including semiconductor DAF adhesive. We are also developing materials applicable to OLED, Quantum dot, and flexible displays.

3D Printer

Rapid Prototyping (RP), also known as 3D Printer is raising as a new production tool, so we are focusing on developing materials for photocurable 3D printers that can be used in liquid-based RP.


As the electric vehicle market expands, the importance of developing high capacity lithium ion batteries is growing. However, silicon, which is attracting attention as a next-generation anode material due to its high capacitance, is difficult to commercialize due to its deterioration. Therefore, we have developed an aqueous binder that can improve the lifetime deterioration of a silicon anode and we are focusing on research and development of binder for high capacity silicon anode and organic materials for related secondary battery.