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Waterborn resin

Waterborn resin is resin synthesized in water and is environment-friendly polymer resin. Applications are applied to steel coatings, industrial applications, etc. Products include water-soluble alkyd, water-soluble acrylic, water-soluble epoxy resin.

Product non-volatile mass, content (%) Solvent Viscosity VIS (Gardner) pH color (Gardner) Properties Application
WS-3005 60±1 Butyl cellosolve Z4-Z8 8.5-9.5 7↓ Adhesion, Hardness, Corrosion resistance Steel coating enamel
AW-5030-60 60±1 Butyl cellosolve Z5-Z7 8.5-9.5 7↓ Corrosion resistance, Water resistance Steel coating enamel