Introduction of Products UV Resin Paint


UV solutions generally consist of oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators and additives. It activates the photoinitiator by ultraviolet rays to crosslink the oligomer with the monomer to form coatings. The characteristics of UV solution is that it can be cured at a low temperature, has a fast curing speed, and is friendly environment because it does not need to use a diluting solvent such as BTX. Main applications include electronic materials, woodworking, paper, plastic and film coating.

Product non-volatile mass, content (%) Solvent Viscosity VIS (Gardner) Acid value(Av) color (Gardner) Properties Application
RS-6001-50 50 Toluene/Xylene A3-A1 - 1> High Hardness, Scratch Resistant Film Coating
RS-9030 32 EtOH/BAc A3-A1 - 1> Antistatic (10^12Ω/□), High Transparent Hard Coating
RS-1700 45 MEK A4-A - 1> Antistatic (10^12Ω/□), High Hardness Hard Coating
RS-1450 30 MIBK/EAc 1-10 - 1> Anti Finger Film Coating
RS-1200 43 PGME 5-15 - 1> Scratch Resistant Automotive Film