Introduction of Products Composite Cured In Place Pipe

Cured In Place Pipe

No digging tube lining resin offers flow resistance with thixotropy, good chemical resistance and heat resistance. And also it has good impregnability and satisfactory depilation on non-woven fabric, and excellent impact resistance. It is suitable for use hot water or steam cure process due to its excellent curing at the mid temperature and above.

Product Chemical Nature NVM Vis G.T Application/End Markets/Promotor
IST-210 ISO Type 64±1 27±2 8±1 Medium viscosity, Thixotropy, CIPP
ND-200 ISO Type 64±2 42.5±2 7.5±1.5 High viscosity, Thixotropy, CIPP
IST-240 ISO Type 63±2 23.5±1.5 8±1 Medium viscosity, Thixotropy, CIPP, Good crack resistance
NDI-800T ISO Type 61±2 21.0±1.0 7±1 Medium-low viscosity, Thixotropy, CIPP field impregnation
NDI-900T ISO Type 65±2 38±2 7±1 High viscosity, Thixotropy, CIPP, Good impregnation & high mechanical strength