Introduction of Products Composite SBMC


POLYCOAT resin apply to SMC, BMC is optimum hot-pressing resin for manufacturing FRP to compound glass fiber, filler, etc. SMC and BMC resin of AEKYUNG CEMICAL. CO., LTD has excellent curing, hot water resistance, weather resistance, high gloss, moldability properties, and which demonstrate satisfactory crack resistance, surface leveling properties to combine with LS and LPA.

Product Chemical Nature NVM Vis G.T Application/End Markets/Promotor
SC-920S THPA Type UPR 60±1 7±1 6±1 Medium thickening/ Weatherability industry standard
SC-980S TPA Type UPR 64±1 13.5±1.5 10±1 High resistance to heat and hydrosis industy standard for water tank panels
SCP-9000 Pure Maleic UPR 60±1 8±1 5±1 Medium thickening/ High resistance to heat/ Weatherability/High gloss parts
SCI-1000 IPA Type UPR 70±1 14±1 5±1 High elongation/ Low thickening Electronic application