Introduction of Products Composite Mechanical Molding

Mechanical Molding

Polycoat for Mechanical molding is a resin with curing property and moldability suitable for various continuous molding methods. It is designed to suit the mechanical and chemical properties for various applications

Product Chemical Nature NVM Vis G.T Application/End Markets/Promotor
PL-214 Tere type UPR 60±1 3.9±0.5 3±1 Pultrusion / cable tray, building-structure / Not included
PL-4004 Modified urethane 54±1 1.0±0.3 9±2 Pultrusion, Excellent heat resistance, Low profile / Central structure material(CSM) / Not included
PLI-250 Iso type UPR 55±1 5.0±0.5 5±1 Pultrusion, Excellent mechnical property, Excellent surface / Cable tray / Not included
PLV-1000 Modified epoxy 65±2.5 1.3±0.2 5±0.5 Pultrusion, Excellent heat resistance, Excellent mechnical property / Central structure material(CSM) / Not included
DION-9100MN Modified epoxy 62±1 2.85±0.15 9±1 Good mechanical properties / Pultrusion for carbon fiber / Not included