Introduction of Products Composite Lining Resins

Lining Resins

Lining resin for mortar waterproof is categorized as primer, middle and top of bottom, which is used as liner of various fields with several stiffeners such as sand, filler and resin .It provides good chemical resistance compared motar lining of cement and it shows excellence elongation and crack resistance with low shrinkage.

Product Chemical Nature NVM Vis G.T Application/End Markets/Promotor
IP-310 Modified Urethane type 37±1 0.4±0.15 - Moisture workable, Quick drying primer for Concrete substance / Concrete
IP-330 Modified Epoxy Acrylate 58±2 1.1±0.3 30±10 FRP Lining Primer / Good adhesive, workability / Concrete primer
IP-815A (E) Modified Epoxy System 70 ± 10 9.0±2.0 20±10 SM Free type Primer / Good adhesive / Concrete primer