Introduction of Products Composite Craft & Casting Resins

Craft & Casting Resins

POLYCOAT resin for casting application is used for artificial crafts including various omaments. This product provides strong features like fast curability, filler impregnability and good processibility.

Product Chemical Nature NVM Vis G.T Application/End Markets/Promotor
AT-180 Ortho Type UPR 62±2 2.7±0.3 3.7±1.2 General artificial art, Wax type
ATR-120 Tere Type UPR 61±2 2.5±0.15 1.5±0.5 Fast curing artificial art, Wax type
ATO-300 Ortho Type UPR 67±2 3.5±0.5 3.5±0.5 High elongation, Fast cure, General artificial art