Introduction of Products Composite Button Resins

Button Resins

POLYCOAT BT-series offer excellent gloss, transparency and heat resistance for various button. They has good balance of easy processing, heat and water resistance, and weatherability.

Product Chemical Nature NVM Vis G.T Application/End Markets/Promotor
BT-210EQ Ortho Type UPR 68±1 9±1 7±1 Eco-friendly product, Anti-static
BT-109 Ortho Type UPR 68±1 9±1 6.5±1.5 Workability, Gloss / A-126, A-153
BT-107 Ortho Type UPR 67±1 7±1 6±1 Low viscosity, High Gloss
BT-400S Iso type UPR 60±2 9±1 9±1 Anti-dyeing property / A-126
BTI-100 Iso type UPR 66±2 12±2.0 6±1 Impact Resistance, Workability / A-126