Introduction of Products Composite Coating Resins

Coating Resins

POLYCOAT resin for coating is used for wood, furniture coating and metal, concrete coating. By usage, it is classified as normal coating, instrument coating, and UV cure coating. This provide good workability, fast drying, and it shows its excellence in post membrane formation.

Product Chemical Nature NVM Vis G.T Application/End Markets/Promotor
KW-32K Ortho Type UPR 61±2 3.0±0.5 3.2±0.7 Curing, Transparency, White board
KW-32KH Ortho Type UPR 65±2 7±1 3.2±0.7 Curing, Transparency, Mixing color
KW-33H Ortho Type UPR 65±1 3.4±0.1 3.2±0.7 High gloss