Introduction of Products Composite Laminate


The Polycoat resin for lamination is a pre-accelator (or non-promoter) resin, widely used for hand layup, spacer, and other FRP manufacturing processes.

Product Chemical Nature NVM Vis G.T Application/End Markets/Promotor
LS-102 Ortho Type UPR 63±3 2.2±0.8 10±4 General grade
LS-123 Ortho Type UPR 57±3 2.8±1.2 15±8 Thixotropy, Lloyd Approval
GF-120 Ortho Type UPR 62.5±2.5 4.00±1.50 15±5 Lloyds Approval
LSD-126 DCPD Type UPR 67±2 4.5±0.5 25±10 Low SM / Hand lay up / pre-promoted