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Safety and Health Management

Cultivate Safety Awareness through
Aekyung's safety education
  • Management of
    process safety
  • Safety and health
  • Safety accident
  • Safety and
    health activities

Aekyung Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to human respect and social responsibility,
and has established a safety and health management system for the continuous development of the company.
In order to achieve the highest priority of safety and health management, we have designated safety managers for each organization and field, and are doing our best to raise safety consciousness and set up self-safety management through in-house and other periodic education and training.
With safety and health as the top priority, we will continue to grow and develop our company, and will endeavor to continuously maintain and improve the safety and health management system.

Continuous improvement
  • Management Review

  • Risk Assessment

  • Safety and Health Policy

  • Performance Measurement and Monitoring

  • Implementation and Operation

  • Establishment of Goals and Management Programs

  • Key Elements of Safety and Health Management

  • Continuous Improvement and Prevention Management

  • Understanding through education and training

  • Autonomous Safety and Health Management

  • Establishment of autonomous safety management

Safety and health management policy