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Quality Management

Maximizing customer satisfaction through
Aekyung Chemical's quality management activities

Aekyung Chemical Co., Ltd. is actively responding to the needs of the rapidly changing corporate environment and the age of unlimited competition, working to maximize customer satisfaction by supplying quality products to our customers on schedule. We have worked continuously to meet product requirements under the KS Q ISO 9001: 2009/ISO 9001:2008, by establishing and maintaining our quality management system and improvement activities.

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As a result of these efforts, we obtained ISO 9002 certification from Korea Management Association in 1995, becoming the first in our industry to do so. In order to achieve customer satisfaction and pursue the interests of stakeholders on the basis of improving quality competitiveness for customer satisfaction, our quality plan, quality control, and quality assurance, quality improvement activities are applied to the top management, with all members of the organization participating in the related activities, and we have been continuously implementing improvement activities using all available means.

Quality Policy

Since we were established in 1979, Aekyung Chemical Co., Ltd.
has been dedicated to producing high quality products as an industry leader in paints and synthetic resins and unsaturated polyester resins.

We have established a quality management system in accordance with KS Q ISO 9001: 2009 / ISO 9001: 2008, and work to fulfill the following goals.
- Maximize customer satisfaction by producing high quality products and supplying them to customers on schedule
- Establish quality goals and detailed goals in order to effectively manage quality performance, and establish a plan to continuously improve the quality
- Provide continuous education and training so that all company employees recognize the quality management system

Major Activities and Certificate Status