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History & Awards


In the 21st century, we will focus our efforts on creating an abundant cultural life.

These are the footprints left by Aekyung Chemical, since 1979.
  • DIC corporation termination of joint venture

  • Expanded acrylic adhesive production facility (+3,000 tons/year)

  • Established OCA FILM production line (+ 480,000㎡)

  • Expanded UPR and Alkyd production facilities (+1,800 tons/year)

  • Expanded capacity of urethane hardener (+4,800 tons/year)

  • Established PSA production facility (+2,400 tons/year)

  • 07.13Completed Pyeongtaek Logistics Center
    Expanded urethane hardener production facilities (+9,600 tons/year)

  • Expanded water-based resin production facilities (+1,800 tons/year)


Acrylic Adhesive Production Facility

Aekyung REICON

  • 2009

    04.1830th anniversary of company’s founding

  • 2008

    Expanded urethane hardener production facilities (+6,000 tons/year)

  • 2006

    Expanded Acrylic resin production facility (+5,150 tons/year)

  • 2005

    07.14Established Aekyung REICON

  • 2004

    03.01Established Aekyung Chemical China (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

  • 2003

    Expanded urethane hardener production facilities (+2,160 tons/year)

  • 2002

    Opened China office, in Shanghai

  • 2001

    07.30Completed Aekyung Chemical Central Research Institute (Dae Deok Research Complex)

  • 2000

    Established subsidiary company (Gangwon Polymer, formerly Aekyung REICON)

  • 07.16Completed Cheongyang Factory Logistics Center

  • 07.01Completed construction and operation of Cheongyang factory (Annual output: 22,000 tons)


Technology Research Institute

Cheongyang factory

  • 1989

    07.19Expanded Daejeon Plant for a third time (Annual production: 30,000 tons)

  • 1988

    03.08Introduced synthetic resin technology for paints

  • 1987

    06.30Expanded Daejeon Plant for the second time (Annual production: 20,000 tons)

  • 1984

    10.11Expanded Daejeon Plant (annual production 12,000 tons)
    10.11Introduced FRP gel coat resin technology from Dainippon Ink & Chemical Inc.

  • 1980

    04.18Completed Daejeon plant and made it operational

  • 06. 19Introduced Unsaturated Polyester Technology from Dainippon Ink & Chemical Inc.
    04. 18Established joint venture between Aekyung Fats & Oil Processing Co., Ltd. and Dainippon Ink & Chemical Inc.



  • 2013.12.05Awarded $70 million dollars export tower
  • 2013.12.05the 50th Trade Day, the Award emblem for Industry
  • 2012.11.30Awarded $50 million export tower
  • 2012.09.06Awarded by the minister of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy at the 36th National Productivity Conference, the part for Labor-Management cooperation
  • 2011.03.16Awarded Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
  • 2011.03.01ECOPOLY (Eco-friendly product) certification mark
  • 2010.10.13Obtained KOSHA 18001 (Safety and Health Management System) certification
  • 2009.11.24Awarded the Grand Prize of the Korea Productivity
  • 2009.08.14Obtained DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Certification
  • 2008.11.30Awarded $30 million export tower
  • 2007.11.30Awarded $20 million export tower
  • 2004.03.26Minister of Science and Technology Engineering Award
  • 2002.11.07The Grand Prize of Green Management and Management Award (KMA)
  • 2002.09.18Acquired the Ministry of Labor's New Labor-Management Culture Company
  • 2000.09.25Acquired ISO-14001 certification (KMA-QA)
  • 1999.03.01Acquired KST (Korea Ship Safety & Technology Authority) certification
  • 1998.11.28Selected as 'Energy Saving Excellence Factory' by Korea Energy Management Corporation
  • 1995.11.25Acquired ISO-9002 certification (KMA-QA, DNV)
  • 1995.11.09Honoring of the Self Defense Fire Brigade from the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • 1993.11.30Awarded $10 million export tower
  • 1989.11.30Awarded $5 million export tower
  • 1987.08.26Acquired approval of LLOYD'S Classification Society
  • 1981.12.30Acquired KS mark (liquid unsaturated polyester resin for reinforced plastic)
  • 1980.09.19Acquired approval from the Society of the Classification Society (Resin for Ships)